A Formula for Work-Life Balance: Surgical Hospitalist

Hospitals are searching for a workable system for 24/7 ED emergency surgery coverage. Unfortunately for the hospitals, there’s a shortage of surgeons. This, combined with many surgeons’ frustration with ED call coverage and their desire to have more regular hours, is exacerbating the problem. It’s often a major source of conflict between hospital administrators and surgeons, which can potentially negatively impact the quality of care.

That’s one of the reasons Surgical Affiliates was founded: to be the solution to this problem. Our surgicalist model delivers proven, high-quality, 24/7 coverage for patients needing emergency surgeries, while offering healthcare professionals (surgeons, NPs and PAs) an option they never thought was possible: having a challenging and rewarding career AND time for personal priorities. In addition to general surgery, our surgical hospitalist program encompasses specialties such as trauma, and orthopedic surgery.

Here are a few reasons to consider becoming a member of the Surgical Affiliates team:

  • You can be part of a new and satisfying field as a surgicalist.
  • You can be in a practice unlike any you’ve known, with the professional satisfaction of doing what you were trained to do.
  • You can focus on your patients while all of the management services are handled for you.
  • You can have dependable and regular schedules that afford you the time and benefits to attain work-life balance.
  • You can enjoy your free time with the security of knowing that your patients are receiving the highest quality of care from your practice partners who are as committed to quality patient care as you are.

The hospitalist lifestyle and career afforded by our model is what enables us to bring teams of high quality and talented healthcare personnel to our partner hospitals. When we look for healthcare professionals to join our team, in addition to the usual criteria of board certifications, etc., we seek out people who are passionate about their job and the patients’ well-being, who have a record of achieving high patient satisfaction scores, who are involved in their community and who thrive on working in a team-oriented environment. We look for top people because we want the doctors in our partner hospitals to say they “want their family members to be treated by our doctors.”

For surgeons especially, Surgical Affiliates’ model offers more options. For example, the surgeon who may be thinking of retiring may re-consider with the option of a more flexible schedule on the surgical hospitalist team or a private practice without the stress of taking ED call. Younger surgeons may thrive on the challenge of doing emergency surgeries while not worrying about patient insurance or the billing and enjoying the lengthier blocks of free time for family or other pursuits.

We are always looking for:

Why not join us and be part of a team that is transforming emergency surgical care across the U.S.? Here’s a link so you can learn more about surgical hospitalist careers: http://www.samgi.com/join-our-team/