SAMGI works with our partner hospitals to cultivate a Culture of Yes whereby new emergency surgical patients are welcomed instead of being turned away. Together, we ensure the resources, policies, and protocols are in place to make certain that an appropriate surgeon will be on duty when patients present with emergency and specialized surgical needs.

Our surgicalist teams are not temporary solutions. They are comprised of highly skilled, board-certified, or -eligible surgeons who are contracted to provide a hospital with 24/7/365 on-duty trauma and emergency surgical care. Their presence allows hospitals of all sizes to maintain top-level surgical teams on a continuous basis. Using this method, hospitals can integrate surgical specialists into their systems without encountering the red tape that often creates obstacles to yes-focused patient care.

More patients. More revenue.

With a SAMGI surgicalist program in place, a facility has competent, always on-duty board-certified or -eligible surgeons available. That means they can say “yes” to more patients…and more revenue.

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More procedures. Better outcomes.

Cultivating a Culture of Yes drives the ability to perform more surgical procedures while improving a hospital’s case mix index (CMI), patient outcomes, and its profile and standing.

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