Elevate your hospital’s
Trauma Surgery capabilities

Our Surgical Care Program gives our partner hospitals the opportunity to be part of this innovative acute care surgery model, while providing a better work-life balance to recruit and retain talented surgeons. Surgical Affiliates’ surgeon retention rates —at 97.9% year over year—are among the highest in the nation.

Surgical Affiliates’ Trauma Surgery Program ensures your patients always have immediate access to exemplary emergency surgical care. Everyone on our 24/7 trauma care team—from advanced practice providers to surgeons and trauma program nurse managers—has in-depth experience running or working in Level I, II, III and IV Trauma Centers.

Our Trauma Surgery program is anchored by a local medical director overseeing a dedicated team of experienced and trauma surgeons—available to your hospital while on duty, with a 30-minute response time. This program delivers:

  • 24/7 trauma surgery care for all trauma patients coming through the ED or through a transfer center
  • Opportunity to gain designation as an ACS Verified Trauma Center
  • Improved ED response times and improved patient outcomes
  • Alignment with all other subspecialties contributing to the trauma service (e.g.: Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Radiology, Emergency Medicine.)
  • Decreased LOS and readmission rates
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Full-service follow-up clinic to cover all patients requiring follow-up care on our service
  • Improved patient, nurse, physician and hospital administration satisfaction

ACS-Verified Trauma Center Designation. As a national leader in establishing high-quality trauma and acute care surgical programs, Surgical Affiliates is uniquely qualified to assist your hospital in achieving ACS verification standards for your Trauma Surgery program.

ACS verification status ensures that healthcare providers adhere to the highest standards for trauma care, reducing the risk of complications and leading to better patient outcomes. Hospitals that invest the time and resources to become ACS-verified trauma centers or elevate their status gain:

  • Higher standards of care and better patient outcomes
  • A “halo effect” that elevates the care and services throughout the hospital
  • Better, more comprehensive services to the community

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