Benefit from a full coverage Orthopedic surgery program

Our Surgical Care Program gives our partner hospitals the opportunity to be part of this innovative acute care surgery model, while providing a better work-life balance to recruit and retain talented surgeons. Surgical Affiliates’ surgeon retention rates —at 97.9% year over year—are among the highest in the nation.

Partner with Surgical Affiliates to create a self-managed, full-coverage emergency orthopedic surgery program tailored to the needs of your hospital and community.

This multifaceted program is anchored by a local medical director overseeing a dedicated team of experienced and orthopedic surgeons—available to your hospital while on duty, with a 30-minute response time. The program combines these and other key elements to add value and credibility to your hospital:

  • A local orthopedic surgeon medical director to manage the program and champion your hospital’s orthopedic surgery initiatives
  • A team of orthopedic surgeons providing 24/7/365 care
  • Experienced management services support both the local practice and the hospital
  • Cohesion with local physicians
  • Improved patient, nurse, physician and hospital administration satisfaction
  • Improved ED response time and improved patient outcomes
  • Decreased length of stay and decreased readmission rates
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Collaborative performance initiatives development

Our staffing model provides 24/7/365 surgeon care with back-up coverage and mid-level provider support as needed. All potential providers will be presented to your hospital’s administration for consideration and approval. To complement the program, we also provide a follow-up clinic staffed with a site coordinator and two orthopedic technicians.

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