Our local surgery programs are proven to improve outcomes and hospital performance.

SAMGI’s trauma and acute care general surgery, orthopedic surgery,  neurosurgery and vascular surgery programs are run by highly trained, board-certified surgeons working with onsite medical directors. Experienced practitioners, comprehensive administrative services, and a full-service follow-up clinic create a comprehensive, self-managed program.


A complete acute care surgery program

Helping hospital administrators alleviate the stress and scheduling issues associated with unpredictable volumes of acute surgical care cases is an area of specialty for SAMGI. Our acute care surgery program delivers a team of vetted, general surgery physicians — unencumbered and available 24/7/365 exclusively to your hospital while on duty.

Elevate your hospital’s trauma surgery capabilities

SAMGI’s trauma surgery program is the long-term solution to ensuring your patients always have immediate access to exemplary emergency surgical care. Everyone on our 24/7 /365 trauma care teams—from surgeons to advanced practice providers—has in-depth experience running or working in Level I, II, III, and IV Trauma Centers.

Benefit from a full-coverage orthopedic surgery program

Partner with SAMGI to create a self-managed, full-coverage emergency orthopedic surgery program tailored to the needs of your hospital and community. This program can make a measurable difference in your hospital by delivering exceptional patient care, superior clinical quality, and comprehensive follow-up care.

An in-house team to handle vascular emergencies

Vascular emergencies require a fast, expert response and precise treatment to ensure a positive outcome. In demand as never before, the skills of vascular surgeons are urgently needed to treat a range of emergencies such as ischemic extremities, embolic events, ruptured aortic aneurysms, vascular trauma, and complications of long-standing vascular disease. SAMGI is leading the industry in meeting this critical and growing need.

Emergency neurosurgery coverage —24/7/365

SAMGI’s self-managed neurosurgery program provides quality 24/7 /365 coverage for all neurosurgery patients coming through your hospital’s ED, inpatient consults, and in-house neurosurgery emergencies.

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