The problem is all too familiar: Hospitals that rely on community surgeons for trauma and acute care surgery coverage can be challenged by the difficulties of delivering timely, around-the-clock emergency surgical care. In addition to the usual coverage issues, at the core there is something so basic to success you’ll even find it on every […]

Yes, Si, Oui, Ja, Da. Whatever the language, it’s universal. You can’t deny the power and positivity of “Yes”. During these uncertain economic times, this is particularly important. When a facility says Yes to a broad spectrum of patients, it’s delivering on its mission of providing care to the local community. This, in turn, boosts […]

Higher revenue is knocking on your ED door! Open up, and let it in. Facts show that a significant number of ED patients in every hospital require surgery. If you’re unable to receive them or they’re sent by your LEMSA to another facility, you’re missing out on readily accessible income as well as your mission […]

Years ago, private-practice surgeons from a hospital’s medical staff rotated call to handle acute and emergency surgeries. While community surgeons were typically competent and dedicated, they were also typically distracted and weary from the demands of their own private practice. Providing call also took a heavy impact on their personal/family life. Today, a growing number […]

Hours-long waiting times in an understaffed hospital Emergency Department affects not only patients’ clinical outcomes, but also patient satisfaction and your community reputation. What’s more, poor follow-up can make this situation even worse, causing  gaps in care that lead to avoidable medical errors that have significant financial implications and that impede your facility’s ability to […]

When patients are in life-threatening situations, they and their loved ones want only the best…and you want to be the one to deliver it. But even with a highly qualified medical staff, advanced technologies and sound practices in place, will your hospital be the one chosen by your local emergency management services authority (LEMSA)?   […]

Like too many other hospitals, you may be turning away high-revenue emergency surgical cases — to your competitors — because you can’t depend on timely, reliable coverage when minutes count. What used to be a significant contributor to your bottom line, and your reputation for service to your community, is withering away. Local surgeons with […]

If your facility is presenting any of the following four symptoms, it’s likely your trauma and acute-care surgery (TACS) operation is on life support. Your revenue is flat-lining and need some sort of an intervention to revive it.   Hospital leadership is struggling with ways to successfully grow revenues for your surgical program. Prognosis: A […]

Cashing in on a trifecta is a rare and major win. But, with a higher level of patient care, enhanced reputation and greater financial success, that’s what a rural hospital can achieve with a surgicalist program. And unlike at the racetrack, with SAMGI’s skill and expertise, little is left to chance. Attracting the required team […]

As a provider of surgicalist programs, SAMGI (Surgical Affiliates Management Group, Inc.) builds cohesive teams of high-performing, board-certified surgeons and advanced practice providers (APPs) that provide surgical care to hospitals from rural emergency and elective practices through busy Level II trauma centers. That makes it critical that we genuinely understand how to attract, identify, develop, […]