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Standardized Programs that Ensure Consistency and Success

As the leader in surgicalist programs with particular expertise in emergency procedures, SAMGI has demonstrated time and time again the value of managed surgical programs with well-defined guidelines based on data and a specific hospital’s needs. We’ve seen how they can enhance the performance of emergency surgical departments and even integrate community surgeons—who often operate using their own procedures and preferences—into a highly effective, efficient, cohesive team.

Once in place, our programs generate controlled, reliable data that can be captured and analyzed for continuous process improvement and evidence-based Best Practice guidelines that are routinely updated. This not only increases high-quality and efficient care but also plays a key role in ACS trauma accreditation and many of today’s complex reimbursement models.

We integrate our surgical
teams with your emergency department, ICUs, and inpatient hospital care providers to ensure that your patients receive responsive, quality care.

Our surgicalist programs
transform the delivery of emergency surgical care in ways that deliver proven, positive clinical and financial outcomes.

SAMGI’s dedicated surgicalist teams are on-duty 24/7/365 to provide emergency general surgery care specializing in trauma, acute care, orthopedics,  neurosurgery, and vascular


What is a Surgicalist...

A surgicalist is a highly skilled, board-certified or -eligible surgeon who provides trauma and/or acute or emergency surgical care in a dedicated hospital setting, creating the foundation of a surgicalist program. The surgicalist model enables surgeons to help design the work/life balance they want, without the hassles and stress of juggling an office practice with elective operations and time on call.


Every hospital deserves the best surgical program for treating their ER patients no matter their size or their location.



You deserve a level of work-life balance that enables you to better focus on treating and protecting the lives of your patients.



When the unthinkable happens, every patient deserves the best emergency surgical care possible.

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