Many of us — especially in small towns and rural areas — grew up experiencing the wait in a hospital Emergency Department, anxiously watching for the surgeon on call to finally arrive. It was frightening for us, added stress for a harried doctor who’d already had a full day of scheduled operations and office visits, […]

Vascular emergencies require a fast, expert response and precise treatment to ensure a positive outcome. In demand as never before, the skills of vascular surgeons are urgently needed to treat a range of vascular emergencies such as ischemic extremities, embolic events, ruptured aortic aneurysms, vascular trauma, and complications of long-standing vascular disease. Surgical Affiliates is […]

A growing body of evidence has shown that delays in emergency surgery are linked to a host of adverse outcomes for patients and providers. A recent study published in the Canadian medical journal CMAJ is further exposing the realities of the problem – finding that 19% of the patients studied experienced surgical delays as well […]

Dr. Jodi Coates chose Surgical Affiliates because, “to be able to have work satisfaction, career satisfaction but family as well” is key for her. This is one of the reasons why the Surgical Affiliates’ Surgical Care Program was built and continues to grow momentum with surgical teams across the country. Our goal is to provide […]

You go to medical school to learn to be a surgeon. But learning how to be a good surgeon requires having a mentor who truly cares. Dr. Amir Amiri explains what he feels to be the most important aspect of a mentor, “A mentor can help you learn new techniques, skills and how to be […]

Surgical Affiliates surgicalist programs are meeting a significant need in hospitals across the nation with an advanced acute care surgical model. Our model delivers the highest level of 24/7 trauma and emergency general surgical care to patients.  The core focus of our surgicalist programs is to help hospitals close critical gaps in emergency surgical care. […]

The hospitalist model of care, introduced more than 20 years ago, has helped to reshape patient care within the hospital setting while enabling hospitals to better achieve key quality outcomes. Today, the Surgical Affiliates Surgical Hospitalist Program is helping to transform the delivery of trauma and emergency general surgery care, allowing for a seamless integration […]