Achieving the high bar of ACS trauma center verification

When patients are in life-threatening situations, they and their loved ones want only the best…and you want to be the one to deliver it. But even with a highly qualified medical staff, advanced technologies and sound practices in place, will your hospital be the one chosen by your local emergency management services authority (LEMSA)?


Most people know that designated trauma centers, particularly Level I regional centers, deliver the highest level of specialized, immediate trauma care — care that’s been shown to improve clinical outcomes: lower mortality rates, lower rates of disability at discharge, and better overall outcomes for severely injured patients. That commitment also creates a “halo effect” whereby requirements that are instituted for trauma patients are available to all patients in a facility, elevating hospital-wide care.


You may believe that becoming an American College of Surgeons (ACS)-verified trauma center is just too high a bar…one that requires significant investment in resources and process improvement your team can’t deliver alone while serving current patients. It’s true that ACS trauma verification is a complex process — including staffing standards such as immediate, on-site availability of an acute and trauma-level surgical team, and implementing coordinated, best-practice processes throughout the organization that can impact virtually every clinical department. Plus, it’s an ongoing commitment; the comprehensive verification process must be repeated every three years.


But without the designation, your ED, Surgery, Radiology, Lab, inpatient units and other revenue centers are losing the opportunity to help trauma patients and contribute to your financial goals that support ongoing community service. Is that because your LEMSA is routing critically injured patients past your doors to the nearest ACS-verified trauma center? So, at a time when minutes count for treating trauma patients, non-verified hospitals can fall well short of their goal to serve the community, enhance their reputation and sustain and grow the bottom line.


SAMGI on-duty surgicalists and knowledge of the ACS trauma verification process

SAMGI (Surgical Affiliates Management Group, Inc.) provides dedicated teams of board-certified surgeons and healthcare providers for in-house trauma, acute care, orthopedic, neurosurgery, urology, GI and general surgery services for communities and hospital systems. For decades we’ve been helping client hospitals achieve and maintain American College of Surgeons-verified trauma center designation.


As a national leader in establishing high-quality trauma and acute-care surgicalist programs, SAMGI provides its clients an unequaled depth of knowledge and expertise in acquiring and maintaining ACS trauma center verification. SAMGI’s surgeon-led leadership team has extensive experience with both the ACS verification process and state-specific site reviewers, giving our clients an effective depth of leadership and proficiency during every phase of the comprehensive ACS verification process.


SAMGI’s turnkey acute-care and trauma surgery program is led by a dedicated medical director who helps increase operational efficiency and ensure seamless integration with other hospital departments, including hospitalist programs. SAMGI’s teams are on-duty 24/7/365 to provide the highest level of patient care while integrating processes across hospital departments. SAMGI programs provide standardized care grounded in evidence-based best practices that help ensure consistent high-quality care and standard approaches to clinical scenarios that reduce unnecessary tests or delays in care and optimize clinical, financial and satisfaction outcomes.


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