Acute Care Surgery Career with SAMGI

Joining SAMGI as an Acute Care Surgeon offers a unique blend of professional growth, work-life-balance, collaborative teamwork, and efficient patient care.
Embark on an extraordinary journey as a surgicalist with us, where the zenith of professional fulfillment meets an unrivaled work-life harmony. This is not just a job opportunity; it’s a gateway to transforming your career while maintaining the essence of why you chose medicine—to make a difference in people’s lives without the burdens that often accompany a surgeon’s life.

Imagine a world where your expertise as a surgeon is fully utilized and celebrated, without the distractions of on-call chaos, elective case backlogs, and the cumbersome load of practice management. Our roles are tailor-made for surgeons who are not just looking for a job, but a life-changing career adventure. We are actively seeking passionate surgeons across specialties—acute, trauma, neuro, orthopedic, and vascular—to join our vibrant team, including leadership positions as medical directors and integral roles for nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

At SAMGI, we promise more than just a job; we offer a calling:

  • Professional Joy: Rekindle your love for surgery with ample time dedicated to patient care, minimizing paperwork and administrative burdens.
  • Predictable Work-Life Symphony: Relish in a stable schedule that respects your personal time, ensuring you enjoy life both in and outside the OR.
  • Collegial Atmosphere: Thrive in a supportive ecosystem where teamwork and peer support are not just words, but the foundation of our practice.
  • Surgeon-Centric Culture: Find your tribe in an organization where leadership speaks your language, with surgical experience embedded at every executive level.
  • Dynamic Growth: Join the forefront of the surgicalist movement, shaping the future of acute care surgery with every case.
  • Unmatched Rewards: Benefit from a competitive compensation and benefits package that acknowledges your invaluable contribution to healthcare.
  • Empowered Autonomy: Experience the best of both worlds—the independence of a close-knit physician group with the robust backing of a significant healthcare entity.
  • Innovative Career Frontiers: Dive into the diversity and complexity of acute care surgery, keeping your career vibrant and challenging.

Our acute care surgery programs are the heart of our commitment, offering 24/7/365 comprehensive care for all acute general surgery patients at our partner hospitals. As part of our dedicated team, you’ll enjoy the freedom to focus purely on patient care, supported by a schedule that truly allows for personal downtime. Our surgeon-led teams, guided by experienced local medical directors and a leadership team with deep surgical roots, ensure a collaborative environment that champions the highest standards of patient care.

Join us in a career that’s not just about practicing medicine, but about elevating it, in a community of like-minded professionals. Discover the satisfaction and excitement of being at the cutting edge of acute care surgery, supported by an organization that values your work and well-being equally.

A Program Designed by Surgeons for Surgeons

Helping hospital administrators alleviate the stress and issues associated with unpredictable volumes of acute surgical care cases is a core SAMGI area of specialty. Our acute care surgery programs are built around a team of vetted, board-certified, or -eligible general surgery physicians who are available 24/7/365 exclusively to your hospital while on duty.

This complete, managed program was designed by surgeons to provide:

-Decreased length of stay
-Improved ED response time and patient outcomes
-Decreased readmission rates
-Improved resource utilization
-A local medical director to manage the service and champion hospital general surgery initiatives
-Experienced management services that support both the local practice and the hospital
-Cohesion with local physicians
-Improved patient, nurse, physician, and hospital administration satisfaction

SAMGI’s Practice Management Team is comprised of experienced trauma and critical care nurse managers, EMS leaders, and healthcare executives. We work continuously with hospital executives to identify opportunities to enhance program performance and improve patient care.