Insights into the surgicalist domain

More and more healthcare facilities and organizations are looking to surgicalist programs to provide 24/7/365 on-duty emergency surgical services. SAMGI media presentations take a closer look at the world of the surgicalist and how our programs can benefit your organization.

Understanding the role of the Surgicalist

As first seen on the Global Health Talks series, SAMGI CEO Lynette Scherer, MD, FACS shares key ideas and concepts about the importance of the surgicalist practice in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

What is Surgicalist?

Never heard of a “surgicalist”…or not sure of what a surgicalist does? SAMGI CEO, Lynette Scherer, MD, FACS gives you a quick definition and description of surgicalists and the role they can play in your ED.

Understanding the Surgicalist Model

Surgicalist programs are a win-win-win for everyone they touch. Dr. Scherer explains how the surgicalist model improves patient care, delivers a tangible ROI to hospitals and optimizes surgeons’ practice.

Benefits of Standardized Care

Core to SAMGI’s surgicalist practice is the standardization of processes and procedures. Dr. Scherer explains why this approach is essential to reducing variations in care and ensuring high quality patient care and hospital performance.

The Surgicalist and Golden Hour

Delivering early and good trauma care saves lives. Dr. Scherer discusses the critical role surgicalists play in ensuring that trauma care is delivered when it matters most.

Building a Successful Surgicalist Program

What’s the typical hospital profile for a surgicalist program? And what does it take to build a successful team? Dr. Scherer overviews the core attributes and methodology for building a SAMGI surgicalist team along with the key metrics for monitoring a program’s performance.


The surgicalist movement is gaining steam with SAMGI is leading the way. Dr. Scherer highlights the growth of SAMGI’s hospital client list along with the depth and breadth of emergency surgical expertise the company provides.


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