The value of a Surgicalist

Many of us — especially in small towns and rural areas — grew up experiencing the wait in a hospital Emergency Department, anxiously watching for the surgeon on call to finally arrive. It was frightening for us, added stress for a harried doctor who’d already had a full day of scheduled operations and office visits, and could lead to less-than-optimal outcomes.

But there’s a proven, better way to serve surgeons, patients and hospitals alike — a surgicalist program that’s well-prepared for the unpredictable volumes of patients that occur.

No more juggling

A surgicalist (or surgical hospitalist) is a highly skilled, board-certified or -eligible surgeon who provides trauma and/or acute or emergency surgical care in a dedicated hospital setting…creating the foundation of a surgicalist program. The surgicalist model enables surgeons to help design the work/life balance they want, without the hassles and stress of juggling an office practice with elective operations and time on call.

Surgicalists enjoy professional and personal benefits unsurpassed in the surgical field.


Surgicalists with SAMGI (Surgical Affiliates Management Group) work on a team of surgical partners to deliver 24/7/365 emergency general, orthopedic and neuro-surgical patient care. This is their sole focus — enabling emergency patients at surgical-staffed hospitals to undergo surgery without delays, improving clinical and patient satisfaction outcomes, and hospital performance.

Surgicalists focus on what they love, not what they loathe

Surgicalists focus their time and talents on their passion — delivering exceptional surgical care — without the administrative worries of being a profitable private practice.

For too many surgeons, years of balancing an elective practice with the demands of on-call hospital duties have taken a great toll…on their physical and emotional health and well-being, personal/family lives, career satisfaction and, ultimately, cause higher rates of burnout.

Surgicalists, however, enjoy professional and personal unsurpassed benefits that delivers a rewarding balance that the old surgical model of balancing on-call duties and elective cases simply doesn’t provide. Since they’re focused exclusively on acute care and trauma surgery, they have a lower risk of burnout and realize a more-rewarding work/life balance. With predictable, manageable schedules that allow for generous time off, they can have a much more-balanced life, while their client hospital enjoys a well-rested, highly motivated and skilled emergency surgical team.

More surgical time and patient care, fewer administrative hassles

Surgicalists who join one of SAMGI’s community-based practices have the freedom to concentrate on performing surgery and taking care of patients, while SAMGI handles the administrative details. For most surgeons who sign on to the surgicalist model, the opportunity to focus exclusively on surgery and related patient care is a game-changing benefit that boosts professional satisfaction by getting surgeons back to their passion.

SAMGI surgicalists recognize the value of our mission, evidence-based processes and support system, demonstrated by SAMGI’s surgeon-retention rate of 97.9% year over year…among the highest in the nation and the kind of stability and predictability our clients need and have come to expect.

Dedicated to quality standards and outcomes

With quality at the core of our shared mission, SAMGI surgicalists are motivated to make a significant professional contribution in one of our community-based practices. Our surgicalists serve on and are supported by teams of other highly qualified clinical professionals of experienced surgeons, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Together, we provide services according to evidence-based medical protocols to help ensure smooth handoffs and the highest quality of surgical care.

Learn what SAMGI can do for your facility

Founded and managed by surgeons, SAMGI is setting the standard for surgicalist performance. We’re transforming the face of emergency surgical care with the integrated surgical coverage solutions hospitals need to succeed today. Our dedicated, highly trained, board-certified surgeon-led teams are on-duty 24/7/365 to deliver services from admission through convalescence, while our seamless program management helps ensure the highest performance. In fact, our proven, turnkey approach has earned peer-reviewed ROI while helping optimize performance, efficiency, revenues and — most important — quality of care and clinical outcomes.


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