Reducing Patients’ Vulnerability in the OR

Patients undergoing emergency surgical procedures are extremely vulnerable.

And with most hospitals struggling to provide consistent surgical call coverage, patient safety and quality of care can be threatened. That’s why we developed our unique, proven System of Care© – to help hospitals and surgeons transform the delivery of emergency surgical care to their patients, throughout the U.S. This comprehensive Acute Care Surgery service not only delivers dedicated surgicalist teams but also improves safety and outcomes boosting results throughout the hospital. What we call the ‘halo’ effect are improvements brought out by the Acute Care Surgery service that radiates to departments throughout the hospital.

What’s our System of Care’s “magic formula”? In a recent roundtable presentation at the Becker’s Hospital Review Annual Meeting, we shared the secret to its success:

  • Leadership from expert surgeons and executives
  • An outstanding surgicalist team that delivers standardized surgical care according to evidence-based guidelines; this ensures decreased variations in care and produces measurable results
  • Collaboration with the hospital to consistently improve patient care, quality and safety

As you can see, there’s really no magic involved. But there is a lot of hard work and dedication every single day – resulting in improved outcomes, increased satisfaction, lower costs, and reduced length of stay without an increase in readmission rates.

Our hospital clients are reporting amazing results such as decreasing the rate of complications from acute care surgeries by 72%, dropping the 30-day readmission rate by 66%, and decreasing length of stay by 12%.

It’s exciting to see that each day we and our hospital partners are advancing the delivery of Acute Care Surgery and decreasing patient morbidity and mortality.

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