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Surgical Affiliates Management Group’s Proven Surgical Hospitalist Model Drives Quality Forward

Surgical Affiliates is the leading surgical hospitalist company focused on improving surgical quality and performance in:

We are the only surgical hospitalist organization with published, peer reviewed results documenting improvements in patient care, cost per case, CMI, length of stay and readmission rates.

Our hospital partners recognize the need for dedicated in-house surgical teams; so that patients with emergency surgery needs receive high quality care 24/7. We focus on our hospital partners’ success which aligns well in today’s value-based purchasing environment. Our executive leadership and local medical directors champion surgical initiatives and drive hospital performance in the delivery of trauma and emergency surgery.

Results reported by Surgical Affiliates clients:

  • Median time to a first consult for cholecystectomies declined 45%
  • Median time to first incision declined 46%
  • Average LOS for appendectomies decreased 36.7%
  • Average LOS for cholecystectomies declined 18.9%
  • Average LOS for incision and drainage decreased 47%
  • Total hospital costs for appendectomies decreased 27.8%
  • Total hospital costs for cholecystectomies decreased 14%
  • Appendectomies performed increased 15.8%
  • Cholecystectomies performed increased 29.8%
  • Readmission rate for cholecystectomies decreased 69.6%
  • For all patients, CMI increased 21.4%
  • For all acute care surgical patients, the complications rate decreased 72.4%
  • For all acute care surgical patients, the average LOS days decreased 12.3%
  • Average LOS for the top five ED surgical procedures decreased 40.4%
  • Laparotomy outcomes from in-hospital morbidity declined 49%
  • Cholecystectomy in-hospital morbidity declined 83%
  • The thirty-day readmission rate for cholecystectomies decreased 66%

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Case Study: Mercy San Juan Medical Center

Transformational Hospital/Physician Collaboration Prepares to Strike Twice

As a result of this innovative surgical hospitalist program, the trauma center has proven to be a driver of success for the hospital since its opening.

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From Dr. Leon Owens' Blog: Expanding Surgical Care at Rural Hospitals

Now, a team is dedicated to providing emergency surgical support. You have someone who can not only perform a surgery quickly, but who also knows the ins-and-outs of the hospital and is familiar with the environment and is ready to go. In addition, they provide support to the intensivists for consults, and are a ready resource for the rest of team on the floor, be it physicians or nurses.

— Carrie Owen Plietz, Chief Executive Officer, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

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