There’s a major crisis in emergency surgical care.

Lack of on-call surgeons and rising demand for emergency services has stressed our U.S. hospitals. How do you close care gaps without overloading existing specialists and putting patients at risk?

The surgical hospitalist program pioneered by Surgical Affiliates helps hospitals nationwide close the gap by providing 24/7 emergency general surgery.

Our flexible surgicalist programs can scale up or down over time depending on your needs. With our teams in place to provide 24/7 emergency surgical care, hospitals report increased patient throughput, improved efficiency, and fewer ER headaches.

Why use a surgical hospitalist program?

For your patients

  • Eliminate gaps in emergency general surgical care.
  • Improved patient satisfaction scores.
  • Keep patients local—no more transfers due to lack of coverage.
  • Decreased time to consult, length of stay, and time to operation.
  • Reduced complications and re-admissions.
  • Reduced risk of possible life-threatening errors.


For your hospital

  • Integrate a standardized emergency general surgical care program.
  • Eliminate supply waste and workflow inefficiencies.
  • Accurate and thorough documentation for optimum reimbursement rates.
  • Decreased care variations and optimized value-based purchasing.
  • Improved surgical team morale and better work/life balance.
  • The opportunity to drive millions of dollars to your hospital’s bottom line.
  • Satisfaction in knowing you’re doing what is best for your patients by providing outsourced physician services.

We conducted the industry’s only 5-year peer-reviewed study at Sutter Hospital in Sacramento, CA.

Key results:

Overall complications down by 43%

Length of stay dropped 6.5 to 5.7 days

Nearly $2 million per year savings

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