A Solution for Maximizing Surgical Outcomes That Drives Hospital Performance – More than Surgicalist Coverage

Hospitals across the U.S. are discovering that our surgical hospitalist programmatic solution for 24/7 management of trauma, orthopedic and/or acute care surgery delivers the benefits of improved outcomes, throughput efficiencies and cost management.

Surgical Affiliates provides much more than surgical call coverage. We bring the following to our hospital partners:

  • A local Medical Director to manage the service and champion hospital surgical initiatives
  • A dedicated team of surgeons providing 24/7 trauma, orthopedic and/or acute care surgery coverage
  • A full service follow up clinic
  • Experienced management services support to both the local practice and the hospital
  • Collaborative quality and performance initiatives development
  • Cohesion with local physicians
  • Local development of physician practice management guidelines

Most of all, we bring a collaborative team with a culture of “yes” for accepting all patients from the ED and transferring facilities.

Surgical Affiliates’ System of Care© is flexible and meets the individual needs of our hospital partners, with the ability to grow and scale as our partners’ needs expand. Based on the experience with numerous hospitals, elective surgeons have the assurance that the Surgical Affiliates’ solution will improve their quality of life without reducing their elective case volume.

By partnering with Surgical Affiliates, hospitals have a permanent surgical hospitalist solution to achieve consistent, superior results from their trauma, orthopedic and acute care surgery programs.

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The real throughput that is improved, because patients get to surgery more quickly and the length of stay is shorter, is that the hospital beds open up that much faster. If the patient used to be in hospital for five days, they’re now in hospital for three days. For two days that bed is now free because you’re able to get patients into surgery faster and your team is in-house to deal with all subsequent care so there are real throughput gains and cost savings.

– Michael Abate, M.D., Chief Medical Executive and CMO of Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento