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Top 5 Reasons to Launch a Surgicalist Program at Your Hospital

The importance of on-call surgeons for management of emergency care cases is undeniable; however, the sole dependence upon the on-call approach in today’s care setting is quickly becoming unreliable. Increased on-call burdens, irregular and hectic workloads, and decreased work-life balance have contributed to the surgeon shortages observed in many hospitals today. A Surgicalist approach is …

Surgicalist Programs

Why Surgicalist Programs Are the Future of Emergency Acute Care

There is a growing trend among practicing surgeons to seek a greater work-life balance, and many surgeons are moving away from private practice to avoid the strenuous and stressful regimen of constantly being on-call. This, along with uncompensated care, declining reimbursement, and liability issues, are contributing to an unprecedented shortage of on-call surgeons performing emergency …


Acute Orthopedic Surgery Programs Treat the “Ouch!” of Emergency Surgery Needs

Too often, patients with broken bones or other injuries that require the services of an orthopedic surgeon arrive at the ED only to discover these specialists aren’t available. The patient must wait for treatment, or sometimes be transferred to a facility out of their local area. The result is delayed treatment, inconvenience for both patients …

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Expanding General Surgical Care at Rural Hospitals

In the event of a traumatic medical emergency, millions of Americans—especially in rural areas, home for more than 14% of Americans –don’t have access to qualified general surgeons. When an accident does occur, they have to travel miles and hours to find the care they need, putting their health at risk. Often ambulances will pass …

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Acute Care Surgical Programs: Expanding Surgical Care

As hospitals continue to deal with pay-for-performance, accountable care and population health management, it’s vitally important for them to consider how emergency surgery services are delivered and how it impacts their success.

One new resource on this topic is an article I recently wrote for the inaugural issue of Management in Healthcare, a new …

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Acute Care Surgery: A New Career Path

In this, my last blog in a series about the Acute Care Surgery model, let’s review the benefits for general surgeons.

For surgeons who may not want to start a private practice or who may be looking for alternatives to that career path, an acute care surgery service represents a viable choice. It’s certainly challenging …