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The Surgical Affiliates System of Care© provides
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General Surgery Program

We have expertise in building emergency general surgery programs from the ground up, and in refining well established programs. We support these teams with outstanding clinical leadership and local surgeons who are committed to the hospital and our patient – and who deliver success on both fronts - achieving clinical excellence and ROI for the hospital.

Trauma System Refinement

We start with a gap analysis and continue with monthly reviews and action plans. A local Trauma Medical Director works with the local Trauma Program Manager to oversee the trauma program and focus our experienced clinicians on ensuring we deliver high quality, evidenced based care that meets the national standards of the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma. Action plans and staff development ensure all requirements are met by the trauma surgeon and supporting staff.

Recruiting and Credentialing

High-end recruitment tools, annual conferences, and a CMO-led vetting process help us attract the best and brightest. We support both local surgeon participation and draw from our national pipeline of qualified experts when additional support is required.

Billing and Coding

We support robust CDI programs and have achieved the necessary documentation standards to support the resource allocation required by the emergency surgery patients. This translates to the right CMI being delivered for these patients and our facilities.

Human Resources and Benefits

Assistance in creating and maintaining employee benefits, compensation and HR training. Employment practices and procedures support company culture.

Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

As a national organization we are experts in the legal requirements of managed practices and are fully compliant with all local and federal regulations.

Clinical and Operational

CMO with national recognition and expertise and local medical director-led program development that includes practice management guidelines, 24/7 ED coverage and full outpatient follow up.

At Surgical Affiliates, we believe
in creating a culture of yes.

Does your hospital have a surgeon on staff to perform emergency abdominal surgery? At 2 a.m.? Yes. As a surgeon, can I focus on elective operations without getting pulled away for emergencies? Yes. Can a patient trust that he will receive the highest quality care without a long wait? Absolutely, yes.

Our emergency general surgery care programs

Our trauma, acute care general surgery, orthopedic surgery, and neurosurgery programs include a dedicated team of highly experienced board-certified surgeons as well as a local medical directors. Experienced practitioners and a full-service follow-up clinic provide exceptional full service coverage.

Our surgicalist programs integrate with your Emergency Department, ICU, and Medical Hospitalist Program through monthly peer and systems meetings. During these meetings, we address critical quality and workflow issues in an effort to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction throughout your facility.

surgery program

Everyone on our 24/7 trauma coverage team—from the surgeons to nurse managers—has in-depth experience in running or working in Level I, II, and III Trauma Centers.

Acute care
surgery program

Our skilled general surgeons provide 24/7 coverage for all general surgery patients that come through the ED. They also handle inpatient consults and surgical emergencies.

surgery program

Our orthopedic surgery program provides 24/7 coverage for all orthopedic surgery patients that come through the ED that need trauma and general orthopedic surgery.


Our neurosurgery program provides 24/7 coverage for any and all acute neurosurgical problems presenting through the emergency department or in-patient setting.

What makes our surgical hospitalist program unique?

Surgeon Developed
Surgeon Driven

  • Experienced in developing top trauma programs, as well as preparing for local, state and/or American College of Surgeons verification
  • The only surgical hospitalist organization with published, peer reviewed results demonstrating excellence in patient care and ability to improve overall hospital performance
  • Physician leadership that understands all aspects of providing surgical services within the hospital

Maintain a Cohesive
Surgical Team

  • Recruitment of high caliber surgeons to the facility who will be local
  • Development of site-specific Physician Practice Management Guidelines and Protocols
  • Collaboration with hospital partners to develop quality and performance initiatives
  • Integration across hospital departments and medical staff to raise timeliness and level of care to improve the delivery of surgical care

Proven Practices
Proven Results

  • Adherence to best practice standards to decrease variation in care, which improves the quality of care and decreases cost per case
  • Faster and more consistent care
  • Appropriate documentation that has shown to improve CMI

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