What is a Surgicalist?

A surgicalist is a highly trained, board-certified surgeon who provides emergency surgical care within a dedicated hospital setting – the foundation of a surgical hospitalist program. A surgicalist career path affords talented surgeons the chance to design
the life they want.

The surgical hospitalist movement has ushered in a new and exciting era for surgeons – one that gives them the choice to leave behind the stress of juggling on-call duties and elective cases in favor of a career as a surgicalist, achieving greater professional satisfaction and more rewarding quality of life as a result.

Surgical Affiliates’ surgicalists work as part of a team of board-certified surgical partners in providing 24/7 emergency general surgery care to patients. Our surgicalists provide acute care surgery with no elective practice, which means that emergency patients at surgical-staffed hospitals undergo surgery without delays. This leads to better outcomes for patients and improved performance for hospitals.

And for talented surgeons who want to spend more time focused on their passion of surgery – without the burdensome demands of on-call duties and an elective practice – the surgicalist career path provides professional and personal benefits that are unsurpassed in the surgical field.

A Predictable, Manageable Schedule Reduces Burnout and Improves Work/Life Balance.

For many surgeons, years of maintaining an elective practice with the demands of on-call duties have led to high rates of burnout and career dissatisfaction. While taking a toll on physical health and well-being, the long hours and prolonged stress of this lifestyle also leave little time for personal and leisure activities.

Our surgicalists, focused exclusively on acute care surgery, reduce the risk of burnout and achieve a more rewarding work/life balance with predictable, manageable schedules that allow for generous time off. A more balanced schedule allows the time and energy they previously lacked to pursue personal and leisure activities as well as to participate in the life of the hospital community and surgical team. It’s a rewarding work/life balance that the old surgical model of balancing on-call duties and elective cases simply doesn’t provide.

A Focus on Surgery and Patient Care Increases Professional Satisfaction.

Most surgeons want to spend more time doing what they love – surgery – while reducing time spent on the administrative duties associated with an elective practice. The surgicalists who join one of our community-based practices have the freedom to focus on performing surgery and taking care of patients, while we handle the details of managing the practice. For most surgeons who sign on to the surgicalist model, the opportunity to focus exclusively on surgery and patient care is a game-changing benefit that boosts professional satisfaction by getting surgeons back to their passion.

What’s more, our surgicalists value the opportunity to be part of an innovative, leading-edge acute care surgery model centered on patient care, as demonstrated by Surgical Affiliates’ surgeon retention rates that are among the highest in the nation at 97.9% year over year retention.

Our surgicalists enjoy other key benefits related to professional satisfaction, including:

  • Industry-leading, competitive compensation and benefits packages.
  • The local autonomy of a small physician group with the support of a large organization.
  • A challenging career at the forefront of acute care surgery that affords a variety and complexity of cases.

Our Surgicalists are Part of a Highly Professional Team Focused on Quality Standards.

With quality at the core of our mission, Surgical Affiliates’ surgicalists are fully vetted, highly skilled and dedicated board-certified or board-eligible surgeons motivated to make a significant professional contribution in one of our community-based practices. Our surgicalists serve on and are supported by teams of other highly qualified professionals comprised of experienced surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants providing 24/7 services according to evidence-based medical protocols to ensure accurate handoff and the highest quality of surgical care. These teams are surgeon-led and surgeon-driven, fostering a surgeon culture that is valued within our organization – and one that is further supported by the surgical experience of our corporate leadership team. The high-quality surgical programs we establish offer surgeons an exciting and rewarding career path with the freedom to pursue their professional passion and achieve a more fulfilling lifestyle.

If you’re a surgeon interested in joining the Surgical Affiliates team of talented, high-quality surgicalists, please email us today at info@samgi.com or call us at (877) 440-9693.