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Vascular emergencies require a fast, expert response and precise treatment to ensure a positive outcome. In demand as never before, the skills of vascular surgeons are urgently needed to treat a range of vascular emergencies such as ischemic extremities, embolic events, ruptured aortic aneurysms, vascular trauma, and complications of long-standing…


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McLaren Oakland Partners With Surgical Affiliates In Forging a Path For Continued Excellence

Like other mid-sized hospitals across the U.S., McLaren Oakland, a 328-bed medical center in Pontiac, Michigan, was at a crossroads of how best to continue providing the highest level of…

Expanding General Surgical Care at Rural Hospitals

In the event of a traumatic medical emergency, millions of Americans—especially in rural areas, home for more than 14% of Americans --don’t have access to qualified general surgeons. When an…

Driving Hospital Success with a Level II Trauma Center

Hospitals with trauma centers have a demonstrated commitment to providing the absolute best care possible. They do this by meeting the requirements established by the government and other authorized entities.…

Is Access to Specialists a Key to Improving Hospital Margins?

Hospitals across the U.S. are struggling financially. However, one of our partner hospitals, NorthBay Medical Center, is bucking this national trend and increasing its margins and operating success - a…

Saving $2 Million Annually with a Collaborative Surgical Hospitalist Program

When Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento (SMCS) partnered with Surgical Affiliates Management Group, Inc. (Surgical Affiliates) on a collaborative surgical hospitalist program, the hospital achieved significant improvements in patient care and…