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Orthopedic Injuries: Clinical Considerations for the Trauma Surgeon

In this interview of the Behind the Knife Podcast, Lynette Scherer MD, FACS, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Surgical Affiliates, provides her take on important considerations for trauma surgeons, including early intervention, medication management, and communication among the surgical team. This podcast interview was conducted following Dr. Scherer’s talk, titled “Broken Bones –


How an Orthopedics Surgical Program Adds New Dimensions to the Hospital Setting

The pain associated with shattered bone, a sports injury, or a fractured hip can be frightening. Especially for those patients who find that treatment at their local hospital means waiting until an orthopedic surgeon can arrive. This delayed treatment is all too common across America and can substantially impact community trust while adversely impacting the …


Acute Orthopedic Surgery Programs Treat the “Ouch!” of Emergency Surgery Needs

Too often, patients with broken bones or other injuries that require the services of an orthopedic surgeon arrive at the ED only to discover these specialists aren’t available. The patient must wait for treatment, or sometimes be transferred to a facility out of their local area. The result is delayed treatment, inconvenience for both patients …