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Family Oriented

Dr. Jodi Coates chose Surgical Affiliates because, “to be able to have work satisfaction, career satisfaction but family as well” is key for her. This is one of the reasons why the Surgical Affiliates’ Surgical Care Program was built and continues to grow momentum with surgical teams across the country.

Our goal is to provide …

Careers, Surgical Hospitalist Program

Looking for a Mentor

You go to medical school to learn to be a surgeon. But learning how to be a good surgeon requires having a mentor who truly cares. Dr. Amir Amiri explains what he feels to be the most important aspect of a mentor, “A mentor can help you learn new techniques, skills and how to be …

Careers, Surgical Hospitalist Program

A Formula for Work-Life Balance: Surgical Hospitalist

Dr Mitchell and Sundance McGuirre RNHospitals are searching for a workable system for 24/7 ED emergency surgery coverage. Unfortunately for the hospitals, there’s a shortage of surgeons. This, combined with many surgeons’ frustration with ED call coverage and their desire to have more regular hours, is exacerbating the problem. It’s often a major source of conflict between hospital administrators …