The Power of Standardized Care

As transformational industrialist Henry Ford said almost a century ago, quality, efficiency, safety and reliability all benefit when people work in alignment — meaning having a clear vision of an end goal and an outlined path to achieve it.

You may be wondering what building a better emergency surgical care team has to do with building a better car. Well, standardized processes and procedures—the heart of a SAMGI surgicalist program—play a crucial role in a positive outcome when a patient’s health is at stake by:

Ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality care

Eliminating mistakes and guesswork with specially trained, board-certified surgery staff

Creating rigorous criteria for surgical specialists who perform your hospital’s emergency procedures

Implementing an approach that synergizes with your hospital’s culture

But most of all, standardized care SAVES LIVES—particularly when unscheduled emergency surgeries pop up, leaving unprepared care teams to perform them on the fly! Look to a SAMGI surgicalist team to deliver the proven value of managed emergency surgical programs with well-defined guidelines based on your facility’s unique needs.

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