The Problem We Solve: From Surgical Hospitalists to Hospital Results

Hospitals and surgeons across the U.S. struggle with two challenges: providing reliable, integrated 24/7 emergency surgery services and achieving the hospital/surgeon alignment to deliver evidence-based emergency surgery services.

These problems are exacerbated by a shortage of surgeons, a reluctance of surgeons to take ED call and the desire of many surgeons to improve their work-life balance.

Surgical Affiliates addresses these challenges by providing dedicated teams of surgeons to optimize both patient care and hospital performance and to better position our hospital partners to successfully operate in today’s value-based purchasing environment.

Surgical Affiliates has developed one of the first hospital-based surgical programs in the U.S. to guarantee round-the-clock coverage with dedicated and unencumbered surgical teams that raise the level of surgical care available to all patients. Surgical Affiliates is the only surgical hospitalist organization with proven, published results documenting how its programs improve patient care, enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

The Surgical Affiliates System of Care© is a proven solution implemented in a broad range of hospitals ranging from:

  • Hospitals of all sizes seeking a permanent solution to the challenge of reliable, consistent and locally committed surgical call coverage in trauma, orthopedic and/or acute care surgery
  • Medical centers desiring to develop or expand their trauma centers including verification by the American College of Surgeons and/or local and state agencies
  • Rural hospitals seeking to expand surgical specialty coverage and to improve surgical capacity
  • Mid-sized non-trauma facilities

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What is Driving the Adoption of Surgicalist Hospitals Programs Today?

Surgical Affiliates Infographic

The Surgical Affiliates program is unprecedented. They provide a higher level of quality care and they are good at what they do, providing expertise and insight to the medical physician’s care.

– Michael Abate, M.D., Chief Medical Executive and CMO, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento