Our History – From Surgicalist to Hospital Surgical Solution

Leon J. Owens, MD, FACS, founded Surgical Affiliates Management Group in 1996, making it the first and most experienced surgical hospitalist organization. Surgical Affiliates’ origins began by collaborating with a local hospital system to create a Level II Trauma Center from the ground up, which today continues to be a highly ranked Level II Trauma Center verified by the American College of Surgeons.

Based on this success, Surgical Affiliates was approached by another hospital system to develop a solution for consistent, 24/7 general surgery coverage. By applying the standards of care used in our trauma program to general emergency surgery, Surgical Affiliates’ System of Care© was born and our results were published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

Since that time, Surgical Affiliates has expanded its System of Care to orthopedic surgery and has collaborated with hospitals ranging from small rural hospitals to large urban hospitals in a variety of situations to achieve the goal of delivering high-quality, evidence-based surgical care in trauma, orthopedic and acute care surgery.

A Surgical Affiliates surgical hospitalist program provides:

  • An alternative to a surgical call panel by delivering performance and quality driven hospital-based programs for trauma, orthopedic and acute care surgery, including full-service follow up clinics
  • Assistance to our hospital partners in developing or expanding their trauma centers based on guidelines established by the American College of Surgeons and/or local and state agencies
  • Throughput efficiencies that improve hospital emergency surgery case capacity and decreases outmigration

The Surgical Affiliates System of Care »

Implementing a program like the one provided by Surgical Affiliates has helped SMCS to solve a problem, rather than merely address the symptoms. We are most proud about sustaining these results, and taking this model from just patching the tire to getting a whole new tire that never has to be repaired again.

– Richard SooHoo, Chief Financial Officer of Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento